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N.O.C from Government

The Govt. of Pondicherry has issued N.O.C to start the B.Ed. Course on 27-02-1997 with an intake of 100 students and it is modified enhancing the intake to 120 as per the order dated 16-04-2004.

NCTE Recognition

The Southern Regional Committee of NCTE at Bangalore has accorded recognition to the course for the first time as per Order No. F.1634 dated 28-08-1997. Every year the recognition was renewed. As per Order No. F.N.PN/SE-AI/SRONCTE/2004-05/349 dated 31-01-2005 the NCTE has granted renewal of recognition to the college fixing an annual intake of 120 students. Recently as per the revised policy of NCTE our intake capacity is fixed to 2 units of 50 each. The revised order of Recognition fixing the strength to 100 students is issued as per order No. F.SRO/NCTE/APS03926/B.Ed-AI/PO/2015-16/66044 dated 30.05.2015 of the Regional Director, NCTE.

University Affiliation

The affiliation from Pondicherry University is renewed every year since 1997.

Minority Status

This college was issued Linguistic Minority status from the Govt. of Pondicherry.



Mahe being one of the four segments of U.T of Pondicherry has an extent of 9 square miles with a population of 40,000 people. It is situated between Calicut and Kannur districts of Kerala. The Society has procured an extent of 1 acre and 44 cents of land for constructing the college building. 28 cents of land in the heart of the town is used for constructing the building.

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