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College General Library has a huge collection of standard books consisting Reference books, Encyclopedia and books on various subjects like Education and Curriculum, Health and Child Development, Educational Technologies etc. As on today the Library is equipped with 7578 books.

Computer Lab

A highly innovative air Conditioned Computer Lab consisting Laptops and Desktops have been arranged in the first floor of the building. A high speed Broadband Internet Connection is also provided.

College Auditorium

At the top floor an auditorium is constructed on one side with a seating capacity of 400 students and a Seminar Hall is also provided at the adjacent side.


The Psychology Laboratory is well-equipped with test materials and equipments for conducting various psychological experiments. In addition to this, Work Experience cum SUPW Lab, Educational Technology Lab, Physical Science lab, Biological Science Lab etc., are arranged as per the guidelines of the NCTE and University.


Sree Narayana College of Education, an institution first of its kind in Mahe was established to produce teachers with quality. Thousands of dedicated teachers have successfully imparting knowledge and values to the young minds since 1995 in various Educational institutions. The college has reputation from the University of Puducherry, educationists and professionals.

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